Go Go Little Red…ladybird


We have a lot of cute little ladybugs or ladybirds as they are called here.

It’s also so nice to see Spring so early! I’m not rubbing it in I promise…


John is gone for two weeks, boo. He’s off to Australia without me for a week and then to Orlando. I will need to keep extra busy.

Speaking of…

I’m an inch from the arm hole split. I’m excited to do the Gnarled Oak pattern but alas you have to do the sleeves first. I really really need to sort out the rest of the sewing room tomorrow too.

On a teaching front I have contacted the company that handles Supply work for Hertfordshire and they were very nice and helpful. I will hopefully start the preregistration process tomorrow.

Ooooooo and look at my new red blender. Yes, red is best! (Oh by the way my ravelry name is “redisbest”)


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