Rainy Day Knitting

So it’s raining again…someone said to me yesterday that March was probably our summer over here in the UK. I surely hope not!!!

It does give you more incentive to sit and knit though. When I returned from Easter I was greeted by a pleasant surprise, two brand new knitting books! John and I had one of his work colleagues over for dinner some time back and I happened to show her some of my knitting. She sent me these two books from Sweden, how sweet…


It was funny because mom and I had been talking about Barbara Walker’s top-down knitting work.

I thought the least I could do was to knit her a pair of mitts as a quick thank you. I’ve been wanting to make a pair of these Cloisonee mitts and they looked quick and easy…


I chose brown as a base with some nice jewel tones…


Now I just have to finish the second one. Here it is inside out. When I knit in the round I like to knit with the good side in, don’t know why just do!…

Lots of ends to work in though eh!

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