Soooo Cute

We needed to do a bit of shopping around tonight so I picked up John from work early and we headed to a shopping centre nearby. We got our groceries and this little gem…

Isn’t it the cutest picnic basket ever. We had to get it, especially because it was £70 down to £28!!! Peak inside, even more sweet…

We’ve been looking for a nice basket for picnics at National Trust properties. Of course it needs to stop raining first. Maybe it will be nice enough to have a picnic when mom comes in a couple of weeks.

I’m almost finished the retro baby blocks quilt so I started on Lady Fia’s soon to be baby brother’s quilt. As her mum sometimes reads the blog I think I won’t show a pic of this fabric until I’ve given it to her, sorry! But…I’ll show you the fabric of inspiration…


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