Thimbles and Fabric

Where did the week go. Oh I know…it stopped raining and it feels like summer. I must admit it feels so much better here with the sun out!…

I opened the windows in the workroom and sewed away. Gorgeous!!!

I promised to show the material I got at the quilt shop in the church last weekend. I actually already have heaps of the fabric in this line up but didn’t have these ones. They are Japanese fabrics that I originally got from Kallisti Quilts…

Actually, the first quilt I ever made was from this type of fabric from Japan. I remember I was with mom at the Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto and I walked by this booth (Kallisti Quilts) that had the most beautiful and modern fabric I’d ever seen. I immediately negotiated an early birthday present with mom and headed to the Janome booth to get a great deal on a “Quilter’s Companion” sewing machine. I think mom knew she was beaten on that one, I can be quite persuasive once I’ve made my mind up about something!!! I had never been into fabric before this because it all looked so old fashioned and country. That was back in about 2005, I believe. Now it seems like I see great fabric everywhere! Unfortunately, I find I have to buy most of the fabric I like online, rather than supporting a local store. Anyways, here is that first ever quilt that still gets a place on the back of the couch (the pattern is called Bento Box)…


For doing the binding I hand stitch the back side and my poor little 3rd finger on my right hand gets quite pricked up so I usually us this thimble…

Poor little thimble though, it has stretched over time, or my finger has shrunk!
Sooooooo, I needed something new and found a few options on the weekend…



Both are actually nice but hands down the winner is the brown leather one, too bad because the floral one if definitely prettier! I think because of the way the brown one is cut and sewn on the top like it is it really hugs the finger and feels like a second skin. I also like that it goes longer down the finger than the black one so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip off.

Thimbles eh…it’s all excitement here!


  1. Yes, Sarah can be quite persuasive when she has her mind made up on something. Need examples??

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