April BOM Here it is!

Fortunately, I brought my fabric home for my Sugar Block Club April block. This month was another paper piecing block that I really enjoyed doing. The pattern looks bright like the sun that has been missing from our spring!…

20130408-020541 PM.jpg

I struggled with deciding on my fabric choice but I knew I wanted the sun in the white that I’m putting in every block. It came together dreamily…

20130408-021028 PM.jpg

20130408-021043 PM.jpg

20130408-021103 PM.jpg

20130408-021122 PM.jpg

20130408-021144 PM.jpg

I actually think this is my favourite block so far. There are so many fabric combinations you could do here. You could do all of the background scrappy or the points a different colour hmmmmmm the possibilities!

P.s. last minute addition to post…
Yeah mom, she finished her block too. Hot off the press…

20130408-052649 PM.jpg
Gorgeous as usual!


  1. I looked at that block while it was on the READER page and tried to figure out how it was done….Paper-piecing…of course; nice sharp points…Yours and mom’s both look great!

  2. I would love to learn how to quilt. Where did you get the retro Christmas fabric for you Christmas quilt? Love your blog!

    1. Hi Thank you! There are so many great sewing tutorials out there I’m sure you will pick it up in no time! Unfortunately, I got that material along time ago. I think I ordered it from equilter. The one thing about fabric is you have to get it when you see it! I also like to shop on Faricworm and Hawthorne Threads. Sarah

      Check me out at http://gogolittlered.wordpress.com/

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