Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe that it’s been almost two years since we moved to the UK. As many know I have some news. We are moving back in a couple of weeks. It’s all organised with John’s work and we set off mid January. It’s been a crazy last month with planning and saying goodbye to newly found friends. Our plan was to stay about 2 years but now I don’t know where the time has gone. Now that I’m settled I’m not sure I’m as excited to go back as I would have been a year ago. We will always be back and forth though so it doesn’t feel goodbye forever. In fact, I’m already working on John for a France trip this summer! Also, the Tour de France starts in Yorkshire this year so maybe I can convince him to take me up there for a few days.

Even though we are in clear out mode (and being quite ruthless about it I might add, already more than 7 large garbage bags of things have gone to the charity shop) I’ve still managed to squeeze in some sewing time. On New Year’s Day I whipped up two little dresses from a Minikrea pattern.


I’ve made this one before for Lady Fia. This time I did a cute strawberry jersey knit and floral cordurouy…






I learned a lot about my serger/overlocker with these two projects because I switched colours halfway through and had some rethreading problems. I finally worked it out after much profanity and now think that I could thread it in my sleep. It actually turned out to be a good exercise.

Mom is still here, yeah, and she showed me how to make a quick fabric bowl. She made a few of these recently from a Brett Bara video, linked here. This is one that mom had made…

Super cute eh!

I whipped one up to hold our keys and junk at the front door…






Cool eh! Only took about 20min to make. I can see present ideas forming. Mom made a few different sizes that can nest together. I would make more today but my new Rainbow Loom calls…yes totally hooked. I’ll share that craziness another day!!! I also started the book Divergent last night and I’m totally hooked on reading that too. Apparently, the movie comes out this year. Gotta love the teen genre.


  1. ooh ooh OOH I like these! I would love to make one of those fabric bowls – I took a look at the link, and I know it’s something I can do. Thanks so much!

      1. I’m on a crazy-patchwork/hexi roll lately, and I’m thinking that random type of patchwork would look really great for the inside of one of these bowls.

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